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9 Oct


2nd of October, 2021 – The American Cathedral in Paris is blooming ready to host a series of shows from Paris City Fashion Week, the fashion platform known for showcasing every fashion season both emerging and established talents.

One of the designers always present for the Paris City shows, Michael Cinco, presented his fabulous gowns in the somptuous and special venue of the American Cathedral. The venue is breathtaking in itself empowered for the event by exotic designs and mesmerizing models. The Premium show started at around 6:30 PM and was opened by the well-known celebrity designer, Micheal Cinco.

The Impalpable Dream of A NEW BEGINNING – The story of Michael Cinco’s new breathtaking collection.

Night falls. Dawn breaks. It is time to celebrate new beginnings. And in rebirth, nothing is more exalting than the metamorphosis of a butterfly. From the ordinary caterpillar to the exquisite winged creature of ephemeral beauty, it has become the metaphor for hope and change. It is an emblem of the soul; an allegory for reawakening and triumph of spirit.

This collection is an illumination of all that and more. The silhouette is in adulation of the butterfly’s breathtakingly fragile progression.  It is as complex as its crysalis and yet transparent as its open wings. The palette is in reverence to a motley of infinite colors as the butterfly spreads its wings, soar high and vanish. Only to be reborn and keep us in awe of its immortality. It was a houseful event with people queued up around the block hours before the show started.

Producer & Press: Paris City Fashion Week by Ishika Chaudhary, Director of Runway Fashion Tour – @pariscityfashionweekofficial
Web: http://pariscityfw.com
Email: info@pariscityfw.com  Photography: Mariana Cattoir @marianacattoir @parisfashionpress Article edit: Fashion Magazine 24 @fashionmagazine24

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