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26 Oct

A “Schiap” Hotel by SCHIAPARELLI

Get your SCHIAP look!

A “David Lynch holiday”, a cheeky couture, a surreal aesthetic, an alternative luxury style, these would be just a few brief definitions of the Spring-Summer 2022 collection proposed by Daniel Roseberry, the artistic director of the Schiaparelli couture house, collection launched a bit earlier in October in a shop-in-shop at Bergdorf Goodman New York.

With an anticipation of people’s desire to stand out from the crowd, Daniel Roseberry designed bold creations to keep the pace initiated at Cannes Film Festival when Bella Hadid showed up on the red carpet wearing a daring dress with only lungs covering her breasts.

With imaginative jewelries of body parts – ears, nose, eyes, lips, pierced nipples – all exposed in the Schiaparelli shops from Place Vendôme, Daniel continued his fascination for the human body parts with a gold-dipped resin bib suspended from a chain as a suggestion to wear solo under jackets, a fitted kit dress shaped as Salvador Dali’s famous rib cage dress or jackets with nipples.

A hallucinatory world filled by hallucinatory designs for surreal days and nights imagined by Daniel Roseberry in the SS ’22 collection is just a next chapter of the Schiaparelli brand that never ceased to leave us speechless ….

To be continued… we cannot wait to see what comes next!

Brand: Schiaparelli @schiaparelli Photos: IMAXtree @imaxtree Article edit: Fashion Magazine 24 @fashionmagazine24

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