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5 May

Celebrating women with HARRY LOU

The sun is out, the skies are blue, the weather is warm … so the shiny spring is entering its attributions with grace laying the grounds for a cheerful and fashionable summer.

The British brand Harry Lou launched during 2020 which captivated the public attention during the past winter holidays with its unique and glamorous footwear collection “Magical Nights”, has recently released a new collection dedicated to women for the Spring-Summer 2021 season – the DIV(a)S collection.

DIV(a)SA collection about celebrating women who left a mark on Harry’s life at a formative time in her life. A charming collection with a lot of life in it, inspired by personal social interactions, feelings, emotions and materialized in footwear pieces that harmoniously combine ease and comfort with glamour and luxury. All women who inspired Harry Lou’s collection taught her something special.

It was only for a reason, a season, maybe not a lifetime …. but it is just so nice to take a minute to reflect on the women who helped shape us, or made an impression along the journey of life. ” – Harry Lou

Let’s discover their stories through Harry’s eyes and enjoy the remarcable way the designer succeeded to share each of them into the DIVaS footwear designs.

SANTINA is the celebration of natural beauty in all its many shapes and forms. She was the awakening moment in Harry’s life to abstract beauty. A work of natural art, she had a fascinating pale skin and freckles, light green eyes and auburn hair.

DELILA is the essence of light hearted joy, confidence and delight. She knew how to make the best out of each day, which was a blessing through Harry’s teenage years. A true friend at the right time!

ISABELLA is the celebration of innocence and love. She was a remarkable little girl, brave and full of love that
was taken from this world too early. She remains in Harry’s heart, and she often hears her words “I love you,
like everything”.

VANESSA is the expression of kindness and hospitality. On Harry’s first day of school at a convent, she was her
first friend and the little girl who welcomed her in.

Brand: Harry Lou @harrylouofficial – www.harrylou.co.uk Article edit: Fashion Magazine 24 @fashionmagazine24

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