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6 Mar

Editorial of the Month – “Holiday”

The March “Editorial of the Month” FM24 award goes to the editorial picture series entitled “Holiday” by Spanish photographer David Rodriguez.

“Holiday” is formed by a series of photographs of minimalist character, in which the simple compositions stand out. The models show sensual and elegant poses under a backdrop of surrealist air. Water has always been a source of inspiration for David Rodríguez.

The Canary Islands based artist describes the new project as ¨inspired by the work of Horst P. Horst¨ and represents a summer day in which we can see two girls enjoying the sun near the coast.

About David Rodriguez: “My name is David Rodríguez and I am from Spain. From an early age, I have always been attracted to the art world, but my love for photography didn´t start until 2013, the year I bought my first reflex camera, and I began to explore my attraction to art.

Shortly afterwards, I began to train myself through several courses, and also in a self-taught way. While I was studying, I discovered new photographers.

One day, I discovered Guy Bourdin and a photo that fascinated me enormously. In the picture, there was a girl under the water with her eyes and mouth open. I was enthralled with this image instantly, and this is how I came up with the idea for the “Fresh” series. Then, I did the shooting taking advantage of a summer day in which the sun was at its peak.

I like to photograph people, I feel very comfortable doing portraits, but I always try to go a little further. That is the reason why I try to look for risky compositions, with a touch of surrealism. Works like those of Man Ray, Erwin Blumenfeld or Guy Bourdin inspire me immensely.

Each person inspires me a different sensation, so before I do the shooting, I imagine how I would like to portray him or her. Then, I create a concept and imagine a story. I do not like to get attached to reality. Instead, I like to transform it, challenging the model with unusual situations. I play with the model, making each session a culture encounter, but also an enriching and surprising experience for both of us. “

Photographer: DAVID RODRÍGUEZ @davidofficialclub
Makeup Artist: NAZARET RODRÍGUEZ @nanoah4
Hairstylist: NAZARET RODRÍGUEZ @nanoah4
PAOLA LYNCH @paomcflu
NOELIA GONZALEZ @noeeliaglez14
Agency: SHŌ MODEL MANAGEMENT @shomodelmanagement
Wardrobes: |Más Fashion La Palma
Earring “Stars” Collection by |DAVID RODRÍGUEZ @davidofficialclub Article Edit: Fashion Magazine 24 @fashionmagazine24

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