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5 Apr

Editorial of the month – “The ASIAN Inspo”

April has just started and a new editorial feature is out to boost energies, inspiration, creativity and the desire to enjoy a fancy warm season.

Five Asian designers reunited by Asia Fashion Collection in the digital shows from Tokyo, have presented their latest Fall-Winter 2021 collections and lensed their creations inspired by streetwear mixed with the avantgarde, contemporary styles.

Starting with the collection of Kaoism(e) whose concept is versatility, the fashion incursion continues with Diaments Colour which makes the wearer feel like a movie character, Continued Studio that presents genderless and contemporary clothes constructed of new materials and innovative technique, Syzygy brand best known for “one garment, multiple possibilities” concept and last but not least, Yonloksan which embraces a minimal aesthetic with the concept of “Plus a wit.”

An editorial proposing a fashionable “trip” inspired by the Asian vibes and uniqueness.

Team credit: @asiafashioncollection Brands: @kaoism_e, @diamentscolour, @syzygy.online, @continued_studio, @yonloksan Sponsors: @parco_official, @vantandesigninstitute
Public Relation: New York Tokyo Film: Kazuna Miyata (Producer, KuRoko inc.), Amin Shaikh (Director), Shingo Murai (Director, dessert company) Music: Sofian Shaikh (odol) Photography: Koji Shimamura Hair: Mikiya Fujioka (SHISEIDO) Makeup: Kouichi Monma (SHISEIDO)

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