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23 Oct

The “Yankii” society -HANCHI SS21

5th of October, 2020, Paris France – Fashion Magazine 24 visits the Hanchi team which exposed their Spring-Summer 2021 collection in Paris. A new day, another novelty in matters of fashion, a new captivating story about a brand’s inspo coming from Japan.

What is Yankii?– The new fashion concept discovery during the September season of Paris Fashion Week. A Japanese society concept of the 1980’s blended in a Japanese brand dedicated to fashion lovers who want to tell a story of originality through their looks.

But going back to the main question: What does “Yankii” define? In Japan, the word “Yankii” means the act of rejecting the rigidity of social norms. It was a youth subculture based on rebellion against class distinctions.

The chosen aesthetic of HANCHI SS21 collection was observed from Japanese Yankii Girl in the 1980’s. Translating in slang terms as “girl boss”, Yankii Girl is a term used to describe the movement of girl street gangs that emerged in the late 1960’s and persisted throughout the 70’s in Japan. The emergence of the female “yankii” is taking inspiration from the male gangs that wouldn’t accept female members.

Due to their unruly and disruptive social image, the traditional Japanese public viewed them mostly as flaws to society. But the belief should be that true beauty can accept flaws and imperfections.

Yankii represents something utterly new in Japanese society: Rules are made to be broken.

The design aesthetics for SS21 collections start with the delicate grey and white fabric as the essence for SS21 collection, through raw edge technique and fabric splicing to represent the “Yankii” attitude, in terms of jacquard fabrics, striped fabrics, stitches techniques, transparent yarn and staggered sewing pattern.

Photographer: Yichuan Liu
Photographer: Yichuan Liu
Photographer: Yichuan Liu

HANCHI always believes true beauty can accept flaws and imperfections.

The element of rose pattern from the SS21 collection created by co-partner and photographer Yichuan Liu presents beautiful flowers with unpleasant thorns in the scene of light and shadow especially to highlight the idea that the so-called imperfections can add beauty to everything.

In the end, we are “Yankii” people, with “Yankii” lives who all live in “Yankii” societies, … and in the end that is the beauty of it all.

Press Day photos by @adristojanov @rstudioparis

Brand: Hanchi @hanchi_official Press team: R Studio Paris @rstudioparis Article edit: Fashion Magazine 24 @fashionmagazine24

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