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19 Aug

Inspiring Stories – JACQUELINE CITY

The FM24 success stories chapter goes on with the one of a newly born American brand founded by a talented and determined young girl, Jacqueline City. A 23 year old model, actress, fashion designer and entrepreneur, currently focusing on her fashion brand Jacqueline City Apparel.

Besides her designer and artistic qualities that recommend her for making a name in the fashion industry, Jacqueline has an inspiring life story which motivate people to follow their dreams despite any life obstacles. Jacqueline suffers from dysautonomia and POTS which left her bedridden for some time. Now that she is able to take on more, she chooses to turn her pain into art to inspire others dealing with invisible illness as well as mental health struggles, even doing public speaking engagements.

Photo from the Flying Solo shows at New York Fashion Week

Jacqueline City grew up in Philadelphia, PA. She was interested in many types of art from painting to drawing, but ultimately went on to study music. City had to drop out of college due to her disability which was making her faint and leaving her very confused. After focusing on her health for many years, Jacqueline decided to create Jacqueline City Apparel which launched just last year in 2019.

JCA brand is in the top 12% of stores opening at the same time according to Shopify. Jacqueline City Apparel is currently featured in September 2020’s edition of British Vogue and recently made its runway debut just one year after its launch. The show was in February 2020 at NYFW as a “New York Fashion Week: Ones to Watch”. City was invited to show her next couture collection in a traditional Paris Fashion Week show this upcoming spring to preserve safety and the traditional fashion show atmosphere. 

Because of her disabilities, City stresses the importance of inclusivity; her brand has options for women, men, unisex, kids and plus sizes up to a 5X and everything is vegan. Jacqueline City would love to talk all things vegan fashion that doesn’t break the bank, how she went from 0 customers to New York Fashion Week in one year, what it takes to build a brand, and breaking down all the barriers around disabilities.

JCA quickly grew from just an idea she had, sketching in her bedroom to the runways of New York Fashion Week in one short year. Jacqueline City is currently finishing up her fall/winter collection which will come out in September. She will then release a holiday collection in November. Jacqueline City Apparel’s spring line will debut at Paris Fashion Week in March with Fashion Week Studio. Her Paris collection will be both couture and ready to wear. 

Also passionate about animals, Jacqueline takes pride in the fact her brand, Jacqueline City Apparel, is 100% vegan. City also finds it’s important to offer unisex and plus size pieces so everyone can feel included as a member of Jacqueline City.

Brand: Jacqueline City Apparel @jacquelinecityapparel

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