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ART BASEL ’21 – It’s a wrap!
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5 Dec

You can leave your HAT on!

The most fashionable hats for the fall-winter 2021/22 season!

Fall is finally here. The warm accessories for the head are now more critical than ever. It is impossible to imagine a fashionable wardrobe for the cold season without hats. For this author’s material, I have collected trendy models of hats, berets, caps. Other head covers from the top Fashion Weeks, which, according to famous designers, will be fashionable in the fall-winter 21/22 season. I tried them on myself to share life hacks with you and visualize a selection of stylish looks with different hats.


A kerchief tied on the head in the classic grandmother’s way – a knot in the front under the chin – or transformed to a fashionable cool bandana is now at the height of fashion. However, spring-summer silk options for the cold season are not always suitable, so choose knitted or cashmere ones. The kerchief can be monochromatic or patterned, with a bright print or monograms – the main thing is it shall fit the primary look.


This headdress, once forgotten and considered already a retro version, returned to the world runways a few years ago and has no plans to leave it yet. The beret is absolutely universal – it can complete the look of a businesswoman or a high art admirer who does not miss a single exhibition, or it can complement the hooligan style of a “teenage girl” at a party. A hint of French chic inherent in the beret will add femininity and charm to the look. The material can be absolutely anything: cashmere, leather, velvet, yarn. You should consider warmer options for winter, such as fur. Personalize your beret with rhinestones, pearls, or an accent brooch.


One of the most famous headwear worn by men, women, and children. An absolute must-have. You should choose a cap made of warmer materials for the cold season and go to work, walk, or meet with friends. Convenient and practical, it can become individual and set you apart from the crowd due to the original design.


A felt hat will undoubtedly become a fashionable continuation of the autumn coat. Of course, I’m talking about the one with the fields. There are many options: wide-brimmed, with narrow margins, soft margins, or slightly lowered downward. It can be strict, without decor, or decorated with a bow or ribbon. Of course, the hat requires fitting and 100% hitting – be sure to choose the shape that suits your face type. But as to the color palette – there are no restrictions or limitations!

Aviator helmet

This season, the aviator helmet is back in fashion – at least it has been seen many times in the last shows and in a street style. In its classic version, an aviator helmet is a leather one, but for winter, you can choose a combined version – leather with fur. This headdress is not suitable for everyone. As they say, the look and the mood must match. More often, the aviator helmet is chosen by creative people who love to go beyond the usual boundaries.


Or rather, a strict model of a women’s cap with a solid rounded visor and a band. This version of the headdress fits perfectly into the casual style. Combined models are on the wave now – velvet with inserts from different textures or, for example, from leather and checkered fabric. The peg can be decorated with inscriptions, cockade, flagella, or lightning.


A turban, or, as it is also called, a head hugger, will add oriental notes of mystery and sophistication to your look. The triangular cutout in the turban center, located above the forehead, is often decorated with a brooch or imitation of a knot. In cold weather, cashmere turbans will keep you warm and make you feel not only elegant but also comfortable.

Fur hats

What is a real winter without a fur headdress? Another question is that the fashionable last season hats with earflaps give way to fur panamas. Imagine an absolute summer attribute – panama suddenly decided that one season a year is not enough for it, and it is worth capturing the winter months. Panamas of artificial or natural fur will look stylish, matched to the tone of outerwear.

Article & Photos by fashion journalist Anna Estrin @annieestrin Article edit: Fashion Magazine 24 @fashionmagazine24

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