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ART BASEL ’21 – It’s a wrap!
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1 Dec

OLD or NEW – What will it be?

Leave or throw away: signs of clothes you’ll never wear again! Refresh your wardrobe, refresh your energy, refresh your life!

Everyone knows that getting rid of old things is necessary and important. But in fact, not all girls are ready for this. So, once again, standing in front of a wardrobe overflowing with things, we chant the phrase “nothing to wear” with chagrin. So let’s figure it out together, by what signs you can understand that you no longer need this or that thing.

First of all, we get rid of wardrobe items that have definitely served their purpose. We do not throw them away because certain memories are associated with them, or is it just a pity to part and “suddenly come in handy”? So stop! Stretched T-shirts, well-worn pants, old underwear – you definitely won’t need it. You must feel sorry for yourself if someone sees you in all this. So be ruthless to such worn-out and obsolete things.

Secondly, get rid of the clothes that are not in shape, or the one that needs to be hemmed/altered, and it has been waiting for their finest hour for more than a year. If you didn’t customize the thing right after the purchase, as a rule, you would never do it again. Your body type and height are unlikely to change, so why would such things take up space for nothing?

Do you have clones in your wardrobe? Let’s sift them. Several T-shirts in a basic color, for example, white, are fine, but if you counted five dresses with the same pattern and made of the same fabric, then this is clearly overkilled. Chances are, you only wear one of them, and the rest just hang around. So leave your favorite dress and wish others a happy journey.

Once trendy things you bought in the excitement around new designer collections and now hanging in the closet for 5-10 years should have the same fate. Believe me, if you didn’t put them on yet, you wouldn’t do it, even if the fashion for them returns. 

Old styles, see-through details, baggy jeans, things with obscene phrases – you have definitely outgrown all of this. The rebellious period of provocations and loud statements for the show is a thing of the past. It’s time to free up space in the wardrobe, too – let’s get rid of them.

Mountains of knocked-down shoes, shabby sneakers, and shabby boots. Yes, you are very comfortable in them, just like in house slippers. But, every time you put them on, you think – one more time, I just drive them to the store, and that’s it. So, say goodbye to worn-out shoes without regret. Your legs deserve the best. Pamper them and yourself.

An abundance of accessories is one of the main differences between a woman’s wardrobe and a man’s. The danger is that they accumulate for years, and every time in search of the right strap or scarf, you are surprised to find a thing that you have not worn for a long time and managed to forget about it. This means that its time has passed. It has lost its relevance or even its appearance. 

You definitely don’t have savings in the form of socks and tights with small holes. Or have you still not had time to throw it away? Then urgently conduct an audit and get rid of such items. You are unlikely to sew them up.

From vacation, we bring fridge magnets and souvenir T-shirts, baseball caps, and even sandals with shells. No, and no again. All of these things have no place in your wardrobe. Better bring a tan, vivid impressions, and beautiful photos as a souvenir from your vacation.

Leave only positive things in your life. Suppose unpleasant memories are associated with something or, although pleasant, but still a former relationship. In that case, you should not keep all this with yourself. You are happy in the present, and you have a happy future.

If you hesitate to leave or throw away this or that thing, then ask yourself a few questions. Answering them honestly can end your throes of choice:

  • Does it fit my lifestyle?
  • Does this thing make me happy?
  • What can I wear it with?

If you answered yes to at least one of the three questions, then this thing may still be worth staying in your wardrobe. But do not forget the golden rule – if you have never put on a thing in a year, part with it without hesitation. You can give a second life to things and accessories in good condition – donate them to charitable organizations. They will find their new owners and bring them comfort, coziness, and joy.

Don’t hold on to things you don’t need. Remember, the old is always replaced by the new, and you must be open to this new world.

Article & Photos by fashion journalist Anna Estrin  @annieestrin Article edit: Fashion Magazine 24 @fashionmagazine24

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