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26 Mar

“heart of zeus” by Gianmaria Liccardi

Always in search for uniqueness, creativity and strength, FM24 loves to discover beauty in all forms and share it with its amazing public. Especially in these times when every empowering experience, art and fashion story can lead by example and enlighten people.

Today the spotlight belongs to a newly founded Swiss fashion brand suggestively entitled – heart of zeus – as a message related to its commitment made to luxury, quality and power. Model Gianmaria Liccardi, a top influencer known for his partnerships with various brands, comes to tell us about his experience with the “heart of zeus“, Nicolas Afonso’s new luxury streetwear brand.

As Gianmaria states, the concept of this unique label is perfectly explained by the its own creator words: “We all want to be gods and goddesses and Zeus is the ultimate god… but wanting to be a god and actually being one are two different things… true gods simply do their own thing… true gods know who they are…true gods actually make the world a better place.true gods have a “heart of zeus” pounding in their chest… true gods wear “heart of zeus”.

The brand was born to stand out and designed for people with a strong purpose in life. It is based in Switzerland and encompasses a progressive, artistic commitment to the highest standard in every item produced.

Gianmaria Liccardi: “Collaborating with this brand was a real discovery and I felt immediately connected to its heart”.

Each piece is limited to 2000 items providing a sense of exclusivity for a selective group of individuals who live their life by one rule: “quality & uniqueness over everything”.  At the same time the limited amount of pieces is also intended to minimise the so called “fashion waste effect”.

The brand is unisex and minimalistic creating a visual break from all the overstimulation that constantly surrounds our everyday life. The understated minimalism of each piece finds its luxury in timeless neutral colour palette, made of top – quality fabric creating a durable piece that is made to last. Most of the garments are genderless championing unisex designs and gender fluidity. 

 “…but heart of zeus stands for something more…” The idea is that we can all transform into gods if we choose to listen and follow our hearts.

The brand donates 20% of all their profits to two charities: Maison Chance and El Sheddai. Maison Chance is a springboard for orphans and street children in Vietnam while El Sheddai provides for underprivileged children by creating environments and schools to transform children’s lives. Each time you choose a heart of zeus garment, you are a participant in their quest to do better. While the pieces remain elegant and original in their simplicity, it is their inner message of uniqueness, inclusivity, social responsibility, body positivity that allows the transcendent unapologetic transition into a god or goddess. 

The good heart of fashion: heart of zeus!

Credits: Model/Influencer: Gianmaria Liccardi ( @giammy_81) Designer: Nicolas Afonso Brand: heart of zeus  ( @heartofzeus ) Website: https://hozofficial.com/ Article edit: Fashion Magazine 24 @fashionmagazine24

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