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27 Oct

Shining since 1827 – Maison MAUBOUSSIN

5th of October 2020, Paris, France – A walk along Avenue des Champs-Élysées is always a walk where one can admire history and present coexisting. The emblematic street of Paris, one of the most famous in the world, brings in one place people from around the world, shops, restaurants, brands with history and new ones ready to create history.

A famous French jewellery brand, Maison Mauboussin, is one of the stores opening its doors for people passing by on Champs and in the mood for a session of “diamonds” shopping.

Founded in 1827, a turbulent social era and political climate of France, by skilled jeweller, Mr. Rocher, followed by Jean-Baptiste Noury and later on in 1880 by Noury’s nephew, George Mauboussin , the brand expanded, thrived and went on a continuous evolution opening more stores in the main cities of the world like New York, London, Buenos Aires.

The style of Mauboussin has set its tone since the begininigs as one that expresses power and elegance, evolving in time to a more geometrical, a bit whimsical and art-deco one.Mauboussin embedded with success style ellements of each era the brand has outgrown up to the present multifaceted times of 2020.

La Maison Mauboussin – A 200 years old jewellery brand , a family owned business, preserved and enriched its cultural heritage during the two decades and managed to remain independent up to these days when not being englobed by a big financial group is a remarkable thing.

Maison Mauboussin is at its clientele’s service on Champs-Élysées, one of the many places its stores can be found. Guests can try on the statement jewelleries, admire, read about them before shopping, have a drink at their bar or smell their unique line of perfumes also available for purchase while being informed with all details by the well-prepared and courteous staff in the shop.

Brand: Maison Mauboussin www.mauboussin.fr @mauboussin_officiel Article edit: Fashion Magazine 24 @fashionmagazine24

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