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26 Nov

TV shows-A fashion guide

How to form your own personal style? Some people have an innate sense of style, but they also improve it throughout life, discovering new combinations of textures, different shapes, colors. Books, art, fashion magazines, films, and TV series help us in our search for individuality! TV shows are a continuous piece of fiction that, if you like it, will stay with you until the end credits. Some of them you want to watch again and again over time. So today I will tell you about the most “stylish” TV shows, the characters of which inspire even sophisticated fashionistas around the world.

“Desperate Housewives” (2004-2012)

Female TV shows are the first to come to mind when it comes to fashion and style. “Desperate Housewives” takes the top position. This is the life story of four girlfriends from a prestigious area of the city. The heroines are very different in character and temperament, which means they have different images and, subsequently, looks. The style of each heroine is thought out to the smallest detail, which makes such heroine memorable.

“Gossip Girl” (2007-2012, from 2021)

“Hey, Upper East Siders!” Does this phrase sound familiar? If not, it means that you have not yet watched the Gossip Girl series. Today, the TV show rebooted, and fans of the old series are just getting used to the new characters and storylines. But what has remained unchanged is the title of one of the most fashionable TV shows of the decade. Costume designer Eric Daman has created a unique style for each character. He brought into fashion those very headbands of Blair Waldorf, shiny sandals and stylish bags of Serena Van der Woodsen, and bright ties of Chuck Bass. Daman managed to rethink the fashion industry. He made global brands start lining up so that the show’s main characters wore their outfits at least in one episode.

American Crime Story (since 2016)

The second season of the American Crime Story series, titled The Murder of Gianni Versace, can a priori be included in the list of the most fashionable. Initially, the story itself, dedicated to the mysterious murder of the great Gianni Versace, is closely related to the fashion industry. Therefore, all the outfits were presented at the highest level and received the highest marks from film critics and fashion experts.

American Horror Story (since 2011)

I would also like to dwell on the galaxy of incredibly stylish TV series created by Ryan Murphy. Stylish sets, unforgettable aesthetics, and impeccable costumes, carefully thought out to the smallest detail, are considered the hallmarks of one of Hollywood’s most influential and talented producers. His designs highlight the refined style and detailed look of each character. That’s why Murphy’s team always has only the best costume designers.

The filming of “American Horror Story” can be considered the beginning of the path of the creator of the most fashionable TV series of the decade. In the shots, you won’t see an abundance of branded clothing, but they masterfully present a combination of vintage and mass market. The most vivid impressions were created by the looks of characters in the “Hotel” season, especially the look of Drama Queen Sally McKenna performed by actress Sarah Paulson, who charmed not only fans of the series but also fashion experts and critics. The most challenging image, in the opinion of Lou Eyrich, the right hand of producer Murphy, was the image of the Countess, performed by the famous Lady Gaga. The costume design team faced a difficult task: to ensure that the audience would not associate the character with the singer herself. They succeeded in that brilliantly – you can look at the bright and stylish looks of Countess Elizabeth Johnson for hours.

“Pose” (2018–2021)

Inspired by the overwhelming success of American Horror Story, Ryan Murphy took on a new project called Pose, which tells the story of the drag queen subculture. Lou Eyrich was again entrusted to reproduce the crazy looks of the 80s. The result exceeded the wildest expectations: trouser suits together with Jean-Paul Gaultier’s corsets, silk maxi dresses in open slits, oversized fluffy skirts.

“Politician” (since 2019)

After the era of the 80s, Ryan Murphy returns to our time and creates the TV series “Politician”: the elegant silhouettes of the heroine Gwyneth Paltrow fall in love with him from the first episodes. The sky-blue suit and light flying dress from Carolina Herrera in style refer to the 70s, while they are still relevant today.

Hollywood (2020)

After Politics, Murphy released two more projects dedicated to the 40s: Hollywood and Sister Ratched. These are two films with different color leitmotifs: the red Hollywood and the blue-green world of medicine. But the hand of the master can be found in both of them – all the details are in their places.

Hollywood is a miniseries in which Murphy rewrote the history of American cinema. Quite a bold but sincere fantasy. The beauty here is that this project combines the reality of the golden age of Hollywood and the showrunner’s own imagination. The creators thoroughly studied the photographs of the 40s. They tried to reproduce each real person and their look image as accurately as possible. It turned out that modern figures differ from those of that time, so the vintage found in the collections was used and sewn anew for each character from 30 to 90 percent of the items. As a result, each costume is a separate masterpiece that you want to look at.

Sister Ratched (since 2020)

In Sister Ratched, the costumes’ task was completely different from the one set for Hollywood: here, the outfit should reveal the nature of the characters of the series, demonstrate their transformation, and how they interact with each other. Everyone has a coat or trench coat that helps the viewer feel for film noir’s recreated mood and atmosphere. Pronounced shoulders, an accentuated waist, elbow-length gloves, and hats are inspired by designers from post-war films and fashion magazines.

Halston (2021)

I would like to finish the chronology of the history of Ryan Murphy’s fashion series with the most sensational and stylish project of this year – “Halston”. This is the most talked-about series, based on the real-life story of the world-famous American fashion designer of the 20th century, who changed the world of fashion – Roy Halston. Halston defined the fashion of the 70s and created the famous Jacqueline Kennedy hat, making it a style icon. The cult couturier invited only celebrities to show his collections as models. Inspired by the series, the Halston fashion house, together with Netflix, has released a limited collection of dresses. Each look is dedicated to the great designer’s muses.

“Boss” (2017)

There are stylish series, and there are style series, which include Netflix’s “Boss”. Based on the best-selling memoir by Nasty Gal founder Sofia Amoruso, the film series has not received a stunning success. But, I assure you, it is 100% worthy of the attention of everyone who is not indifferent to fashion and designer showrooms. An outspoken and sometimes daring film story tells you about the passion for vintage clothing that has led to its own fashion retail empire. In addition, the film is literally imbued with the spirit of rebellion, humor, and style. That’s why I class it as a must-see movie.

“Sex and the City” (1998-2004)

From Cruella to Queen’s Move, the collection of the most stylish heroines in films and TV series is so huge that you can be inspired by their fashionable looks and create your own for an infinitely long time. But there is a show that can rightfully top the list of the most stylish TV shows of the century – the legendary Sex and the City. Such an abundance of the brightest images cannot be found in any motion picture – a storehouse of fashionable ideas. Therefore, I and millions of fashionistas worldwide are looking forward to the sequel to this stylish series, And Just Like That …, which is expected to premiere in December. Let’s see how Carrie Bradshaw and her friends will surprise us this time.

Let’s continue to watch stylish TV shows together, be inspired by fashionable ideas, and apply them to our looks!

Article & Photos by Fashion Journalist Anna Estrin – @annieestrin Article edit: Fashion Magazine 24 @fashionmagazine24

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